Yokosuka Research Park

Forum & Committee

To support and promote R&D activities in ICT field, YRP R&D Promotion Committeee has established following Forums and Committees to provide opportunities for discussing about new technologies and accelerating mutual exchange of people concerned: researchers, professors, and government officials.

Broadband Wireless Forum (BWF)

Broadband Wireless Forum (BWF) was established to realize early implementation and international development of the systems and services using new wireless communications technologies.

Broadband Wireless Forum (BWF)  http://www.yrp.co.jp/en/yrprdc/bwf/

Wireless Smart Utility Network Promotion Committee (WSN Committee)

Wireless Smart Utility Network Promotion Committee (WSN Committee) was established to promote diffusion and use of wireless smart utility network technology (WiSUN) born in YRP and also to support business development utilizing this technology. The WSN Committee aims at contributing to strengthening ICT industries and international research collaboration and promotion of social ICT.

Wireless Smart Utility Network Promotion Committee (WSN Committee)

Area Broadcasting Development Committee

Area Broadcasting Development Committee is the successor of Area One-segment Broadcasting System Development Committee, which was established in October 2010 based on the discussions in MIC's White Space Promotion Meeting started in September 2010. The Committee promotes participation of various related bodies interested in area one-segment broadcasting, e.g. telecommunication and broadcasting operators, device manufacturers, contents providers, etc. , and is working on propagation of area broadcasting represented by one-segment-type utilizing the white space by materialization of system image, promotion of standardization, drawing up rules and regulations for use, dissemination activities, liaison and coordination with related organizations, and information collection, etc.

Area Broadcasting Development Committee http://area-broadcasting.jp/index.html